Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two weeks

(Less than) Two weeks to go until baby time and I realised I haven't worn all of my maternity clothes yet. You know how you just always throw on jeans and a t-shirt? So I've been wearing them. My maternity clothes I mean, besides the jeans and t-shirts. It's fun. Luckily the weather obliged so I could wear some shorts. I've got some skirts to throw in there and maybe another shirt or two. Things don't change just because you're pregnant. Or I guess I don't change, just because I'm pregnant.

It's school holidays this week and my sleep credits are way down. I haven't managed as many naps (oh the humanity! Less than one a day!), but I can tell you there is another way to manage that 4pm crash. It lives on the top shelf and smells and tastes delicious. And luckily it's been on special at Pak N Save recently.

I took the kids for a walk today and it rained. We were out for more than an hour with no jackets. You see, we were walking a loop, and had to get back to the car. I let them bad mouth the weather for half an hour before we retired our inappropriate language again ("Rain is STUPID"). Partly because I felt responsible for our situation and that they were justified to be annoyed, and it also helped me to come back from being on the verge of tears. Think: 8 months + pregnant, two crying children with cold hands to hold, three bags and a dolly pram that had been abandoned, rain, and a very hilly garden path. In shorts and jandals. Letting them vent meant I didn't have to. And it brings me joy that "stupid" is the extent of their knowledge of negative adjectives.

I promised them a hot bath, hot chocolate, hot chips for lunch, hot cake from the oven. They were fine by the time we made it home but we indulged in the first two promises anyway before I called it quits. And then we had McDonalds for dinner. I decided I couldn't be rained on, walked out, and yet patient, forgiving, see to the house and make dinner all at the same time. So I dropped that last one (at least) and we had a relaxed evening.

The thing about me though, if you didn't know, is I'm a bit of a germ-o-phobe. The kids had already had one bath today and I wanted to come straight home to bed, so I didn't let them in the playground. Isn't that half the fun of McDonalds? But all the worst stories kept coming to mind so I made it a no-go zone tonight. Good kids. Sadie just wanted to look at the playground before we left. Other than that we kept clear. They'd had ice cream, so I didn't feel too bad.

As I said, they'd had ice cream, so when we got home I got them to run "races" up and down the street. "We'll take turns winning" I said when they both cried. I guess being competitive runs in the family. And it was the end of a long, hard day. Have I ever mentioned that my kids are not walkers? As in, I pushed Theo in a pram till he was four, they will sit down and cry instead of walk, and only having a bike to ride and Theo starting school and being in a class full of kids that walk (to the zoo, to the movie theatre, around the museum all day etc) has changed this. Or started to change this.

So we're all pooped! Good night!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tidbits for today

- I participated in the world's first nationwide earthquake drill this morning. Did you? At 9:26am I dropped, although I must admit I didn't cover and hold (wasn't too keen on squashing my enormous belly).
37 weeks

- Our milk is three days past it's use by date. Living on the edge! (Shopping day today, so I'll get some fresh)

- Also due to it being the morning of shopping day, we're out of bread. And fruit. And almost everything else. So I was up making bread rolls before school today so that the kids had something to take with their carrot sticks and dried fruit for lunch today. Theo was only 5 minutes late. Worth it to have fresh bread rolls right now for morning tea. Yum! (And now we're out of yeast.)
(Guess which roll Sadie made?)

 - I am not watching One Born Every Minute again until I am well past having this baby. It was more traumatic than both of my other births combined. Ahh!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Now all I need is a bike

Very cool. I wonder how affordable it is? Probably the next challenge will be to make it accessible to everyone.

Found via Design Mom

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Answer: Always

"Is the pregnant woman hungry?"

My sister Erika posed the question last night when I ran in to her at church. She'd been there for youth night and had made bacon and egg pie with the girls, among whatever else they had done. There was "more than the Young Women will eat" I was told. It was delicious! Thanks Erika! I think I'll make myself an omelette today as a result.

"You must be feeling tired."

Occasionally a sympathetic friend will come out with this one. And they are right. I feel like I could sleep all day and all night. I'm ready for a nap as soon as I get out of the shower every morning. Some days I take two naps. This morning I thought I was doing pretty well and then about 10 minutes ago (it's only 9:30am fyi) my arms started getting heavier and heavier. I had plans for the morning (the kids are at school/kindy) but I think I might just end up going back to bed. This happens way too often!

In more pregnancy related news, I might be getting another scan soon. Stay posted.