Saturday, May 24, 2008


I love the sweet smell of the bakery corner of the supermarket.

We shop at Pak N' Save Kilbirnie and their bakery is on a corner with all the bakery made stuff on one side and all the packaged but fresh sweeties on the other side and the smell is just divine! Today I walked past three times just to enjoy it!

I wonder if you can ingest calories through smell? Not because I really care about calories that much but just because I want to communicate just HOW GOOD it is and so I'd say it's got a high energy rating with me! It's sweet.

I also love bakeries in general. I always want to buy something, and when I have an extra dollar that's pretty much the first thing I think of - a bakery treat. I seldom indulge myself though because I hear an argument that I think has largely been placed in my consciousness by Nat, it goes something like this "You can make that at home. You have sweet things at home. You don't need to buy that". But then of course you get home and don't end up making anything for whatever reason, and then you have no baked sweet treat (or should I say I?).

If I have three spare dollars I consider buying myself a sugar free chocolate bar. And then I hear the argument "One chocolate bar without sugar is not going to make the difference with all the junk you eat nowadays. Maybe when you were on a diet, but not now. You should just buy a regular one." And then "You don't need a regular chocolate bar, it's needless spending, it represents more exercise that you need to do today and probably won't, and you have a king size block at home waiting to be opened..." And so I end up not getting anything.

And I only ever buy these with "spare dollars" that I joyfully rediscover in my wallet because I don't want to have to explain to Nat with his accusatory grin what the $1.20-ish at Friendly Bakery was for (he manages our finances). Unless of course I was meeting a friend. That's all the justification I need. So bring on the lunch dates!

I've passed this sweet tooth on to Theo too. Regrettably. Recently Angela and I were talking about baby treadmills with proverbial carrots dangling in front to keep them moving, all so the baby will tire itself out and therefore sleep well (that's the theory). Ange asked what Theo's carrot would be, and it's a definite answer: "Any sweet baked treat, but first among these, a muffin". Once we had mini quiches that I'd cooked in muffin cases for dinner. Theo wouldn't eat them. It's my belief that he saw the muffin case, thought "Mmm, sweeties" and then when he bit into a cheesy, eggy quiche with VEGES he thought we'd played a horrible trick on him. There was lots of crying until I finally found the last of a batch of muffins in one of our goodie jars and let him start his dinner with a grapefruit marmalade filled muffin (half wholemeal, it contained some goodness). No more dinners made in muffin cases.

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