Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I hate cockroaches. I hate them. So much.

I was writing and cutting and doing some things at the table, the table that we eat off by the way, and a cockroach crawled over the page of my book. They are so gross. I jumped back looking for some toiletpaper - our universal paper over here, tissue/napkin/paper towel/you name it - which we normally ALWAYS have handy (being winter, with all the runny noses and all) and of course I couldn't find any. Suddenly a song ran through my head. I can't remember how the first two lines went but after those it was just "I need to kill it, kill it, I need to kill it, kill it..." Talk about inspiration. So I found some scrap paper in the desk and killed it. It took me two pieces of paper and a bit of squealing because it was crawling all over the place. But I got it. (The paper was A5 and smaller in case you were concerned with my wastage. I was a bit, but I thought it was justified.)

Normally I don't like to kill bugs, I'm the kind of person who will catch whatever it is and put it outside. When I see a big fat bumble bee crawling along on the footpath I pick him up and move him so he doesn't get squished. Spiders I make Nat get. And cockroaches I hate enough to kill. Also ants. They also die. I may not like to kill bugs, but I don't not like it enough to spare ants and cockroaches. They die.

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