Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Family Dinners

I love family dinners.

Almost every Sunday we go over to Nat's parents house for dinner, and almost every Sunday we have a delicious roast, and on the lucky Sundays apple pie. Last Sunday was such a Sunday that a lamb roast and apple pie were being served, but we were not going to be enjoying them. My mum came to visit on Sunday so we were having dinner at home (well, at Tim and Erika's house, but so close I'll call it home).

We went to Nat's parents place to give Theo a bath in their bath (seeing as we don't have one) so we saw all the preparations for dinner happening, which made Nat even more disgruntled that we were going "home" to have Corned Beef Silverside. You see Nat hates corned beef silverside, but I had forgotten this when I agreed with my sister to the meal. I remembered last time we had corned beef at his parents place that Leonie said "You never look forward to it but you always enjoy eating it" so I thought Nat would enjoy it. But you see she said that about Peter, Nat's dad, not about Nat. Nat reminded me that this same dinner he had rumaged through the freezer until he found a lone pork chop in there that he could cook up instead. So he really doesn't like it. Too bad my memory chose to be selective that day.

Well we came home, and ate the dinner. Nat ate it, Theo ate it, we all ate it. I thought it was yum. So did everyone else it seemed.

When we came home (to our own house) I said to Nat "Thanks for being so pleasant tonight when I know it wasn't your favourite choice".
Nat:"That's ok."
"I feel a bit like the Saviour"
Me: Quizzical look...
Nat: "And they giveth him corned beef, and he suffereth it..."

Too good not to share.

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