Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Motivations

I hate that I don't really know what html means.

Welcome to my blog. I have finally decided to start my own, because I don't waste enough time on the internet already. My husband calls reading blogs "blogging", so now I can actually "blog" because I have one. Also:

  • My sister has a blog. And she is very funny. I hope that I can be as funny as her one day. Just for that day maybe.
  • I have read a few blogs lately and I love the way that content can vary from profound pearls of wisdom to comical chatter. I love the comical chatter. In fact that's really all I read, but I'm sure the wisdom-filled blogs exist.
  • I read this post on this blog which made me want to make my own love list. But I would never have the time to sit and write a list that long, it would be drafted for yonks and maybe never make it to post. So I figured I'll make it one item at a time and it will grow and grow and that can be my blog.
  • Then I realised I also love the blogs where people tell you about things going wrong in their lives (like this one woman who has had a boil type blemish on her chin for coming on a month) so I couldn't have my blog be just a love list. So it's a love list plus. It will include hates. And other stuff I'm sure.

Thus my blog was born. And thus the first item on my list: I hate that I don't really know what html means. I want to be an awesome blogger, but I haven't really got a clue what I'm doing.


  1. Hypertext Mark-up Language...it's the code you see makes up a sites. :)
    You know, italics being represented by things like:

    Also, URL is "Uniform Resource Locator".

    I am geeky in ways you're yet to discover.

  2. I read those words, but I just don't understand them. Maybe one day. Thanks though Pange, thanks. I know where I can go for help.