Friday, May 16, 2008

Winter list

I love polyprops and layering clothes. I love going out for hot chocolate even though I can make it at home. I love the weight of the winter duvet on my bed. I love a winter scarf that is just the right length. I love crocheting hats and how easy it is to do! I love hot water bottles and electric blankets. I love fan heaters when I'm not paying the electric bill. I love "knits" and how easy it is to find good knits in the shops right now. I love "grown up coats", especially those with hoods and toggles. I love it when I can see my breath in the air but I don't feel cold. I love a good comfy pair of slippers. I love wearing a warm hat with my hair down. I love standing outside for a few minutes to be able to appreciate the warmth inside. I love watching movies in the daytime because it feels like a movie day.

1 comment:

  1. can you crochet me a hat???? i dont have one. PLEASE???

    hanny xooxo