Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cheese Toasties

I love cheese toasties.

It's cold today and I had one for lunch. So delicious. Erika introduced me to adding a bit of onion, which increases the yummy-ness immensely. Today I had cheese, onion and tomato sauce. So simple, so delicious. I was tempted to eat them with tomato soup, a nostalgic meal for Erika and I (and maybe more of our family) but I didn't. But it was yum!
Also I discovered that if the bread is frozen, not only is it easier to butter the bread, but the outside gets very crispy toastie while the inside is cooked, but still fluffy. Try it! It's good!


  1. I love a good grilled cheese sandwich. When I worked at the worst job ever we made a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches to order, and I learned how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. I will now share. Feel free to disagree.

    First, butter the bread itself. Of course, this is easiest if your butter is left out of the fridge and is therefore spreadable. In the states I'd use margarine, but here margarine doesn't taste like butter, unfortunately. I guess I'd still use it, though, because it's hecka cheaper than butter. Anyway, once it is buttered, put it on the griddle or skillet butter side UP. Make sure the heat is turned to medium-low. Once the butter is melted, flip the bread over, and add the cheese, sliced tomato, sliced onion (preferably red onion), and slices of pickle or pepperoncini. (Really, that stuff is up to you and varies according to season). If possible, cover pan with a lid. (Where I worked, we used those paper containers that hold fries to put over the bread and hold the heat it). Once the cheese starts to melt a little, but the pieces together to make a sandwich, but leave it on the heat a little more, flipping it back and forth occasionally.

    That, my friend, is the perfect sandwich. It takes a bit more time, but it is amazingly good.

    Also, in the states, we used the pre-sliced cheese because it tended to melt better. I'm sure thinly sliced cheese would also do fine. This long comment should have been a post in and of itself. Thanks for the good blog fodder.

  2. Why is your cheese so orange?

    Also, Haki got a serious hankering for this exact fare this week...it must be the weather...we're all feeling the grilled cheese coming around the mountain, here she comes!

  3. Sherry - I've tried the pre-sliced stuff here in NZ for some stuff, but it doesn't melt well at all. Well, it depends what you want it melted for. Cheeseburgers - good. Nachos - very, very bad. I haven't tried it for sandwiches though. It might be on the horizon.
    Thanks for the tips! I will try your way. Do you put any kind of grease on the griddle? Or just the butter on the bread?
    What's the worst job ever?