Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Stuff

I love free stuff.

Today's free stuff was food. You see, every 6 weeks missionaries from our church from around NZ go home. It's 'transfer' time and some have had their 2 years. For the last wee while on their last day here they have spent the day eating ridiculous amounts of treats and doing career tests and things like that to help them get back in to normal life once they are home. Erika and I have been marking the career tests ever since they started doing it, I think we've done it 4 times. And every time we get to have "lunch" with them as a thank you for putting the time in.
Well. We always come home with shopping bags full of fruit and soft drinks and lollies and boxes of pizza and chocolates and all sorts. The "leftovers".
So, today was one of those days. I had a fantastic lunch. There wasn't lefover pizza for us this time because there were only 5 missionaries going home, so it's less likely that they'll overestimate the number of pizzas needed (compared to 13 missionaries last time, there was much pizza to be had that time), but we have our usual fruit, candy, fizzy drink loot. YUM YUM. It's the best.

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