Monday, June 9, 2008

The Optometrist

I love going to the optometrist.

I think the eye exam is really fun and I love it when they put the funny glasses on you and slot a jillion different lenses in. Also it doesn't hurt, and I always come out being able to see better than when I went in.
You see I've been told that my vision is on steady decline and definitely will be until I'm at least 25. So every time I visit, because it's always a least a year apart (or in this case over 2) I'm given a new prescription and get to walk out wearing my trial pair of contacts. Instant improvement. I love it.
Here is why I need to go.
You see I ran out of contact lenses a few months ago and had since been wearing my glasses. They broke on Friday night and had a cellotape patch up job done on them at Lone Star. They aren't really passable at all, but they had to make due till I could go in and visit, get a new prescription and get these fixed.
So I can't wait to go. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Well the price tag on this happiness is almost enough to quell the goodness of the experience. Don't be too jealous.