Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I LOVE sleeping. It's been a major weakness of mine for my whole life. Even when I lived a 5 minute downhill walk from uni I missed classes and especially the beginnings of classes because I would sleep in. I don't know what it is. I just love sleeping. It's my poison.

Examples of how this addiction has shown it's ugly head in my life:
  • I had to babysit one Saturday for a friend. She was going to pick me up Saturday morning. They were going mountain biking. I went to a ball Friday night. She turned up at our appointed time on Saturday morning and later told me that she thought I had "a really nice nightgown" - I was still in my dress from the night before, her knock on the door had woken me up. Luckily it wasn't crucial that I walk out the door at that moment so I had time to put on normal clothes.
  • When I was flatting I would get picked up for church on Sunday by the same friend every week (mother of 5 children). So she, with all she needed to do in the morning, would turn up on Sundays on time and text me that she had arrived because I couldn't see the road from my flat. More than once I was woken up by her text. Those Sundays were not the best.
  • Theo goes to bed at 7pm. Lately he wakes up anywhere from 5:15-6:30am. My sister told me this is normal. I'm convinced it's early. So I've tried various things until I've found that having the heater on = he wakes up at 7am. Never mind the power bill! I need my extra 30 minutes!
  • I missed an exam at high school. (I had successfully managed to delete this from my memory until a friend reminded me a little while ago)
  • I missed a test at uni and had to have it specially redone for me (luckily there were a couple others that missed it too, we played the "we didn't know" card and because it was during normal class time they let us get away with it).
  • When I worked my start time was 7:30am. They were flexible with this. As long as I worked later equivalent to how late I started it was fine. Therefore, official start time - 7:30am; actual start time - 8:30am or later. I live a 10 minute downhill walk from where I work...
  • The other day I had a to do list that looked something like this: NEEDS: clean bathroom, put washing on, make dinner WANTS: bake, fold washing (I thought this could wait if need be). Theo went to sleep, my window of opportunity had come. Task of choice? Nap. Turns out everything on my list was a 'want'.
So yesterday I decided to change something. I've been wanting to for a while actually. So I went to bed early (10:15pm, I know it's not that early, but that's another story), and I found that it's so much easier to get up in the morning! Nat's been working a night shift, he got to bed at 5am, and I was ready to get up! We had the heater on, so Theo slept till 7, so for me it was just like a dream!
Is this the solution to all my problems? Early to bed, early to rise? It just seems so simple, so obvious. We'll see...


  1. Oh my. How you amuse me.
    I press the "sleep" button about 7 times each morning (5 minute delay means 35 minutes of this). I COULD set it later. I COULD go to bed earlier. I don't. I press it about 7 times the next day. Yes, I have a problem.

  2. I told Erika about this and she said "I wonder what Haki thinks about it". What does he think about it? They ran into some differences in their marriage with that (Tim and Erika) so she wondered what the arrangement is between you two.

  3. I like the bit about everything else being a 'want' when you get the chance to nap. I would choose sleep too, but sometimes I have some issues turning off my brain and actually falling asleep. Sometimes when this happens I just lay there getting more and more upset because I should be sleeping and I'm not.

  4. I read about this when pregnant with Theo, that if you find you can't get to sleep, instead of beating yourself up about it you should think things like "Isn't this a nice warm bed" "I'm having a nice rest laying down here" and things like that. That way you're more likely to feel relaxed and able to get to sleep. Surprisingly it is a problem for me sometimes too! Never during the day though it seems...