Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I love yoghurt.

Right now it's my safe place among foods. I can always do a serving of yoghurt. It's so good.

Versatility of yoghurt:
You can put it on so many things, like cereal and fruit (I couldn't come up with any more so two is officially "so many"). You can put it in things like smoothies and baking. You can add things to it like fruit, fruit puree or nuts. And it comes in many flavours. Oh and you can have it frozen (though I've found home jobs on this don't work out so well).

I personally like Yoplait the best. It's not as sweet (therefore more healthy in my mind, but I do prefer the taste) and it's thicker. I'll also happily have whatever is cheapest, but if there is a choice among specials, Yoplait it is.

And I like some of the extravagant flavours, but not all. I like dreamy lemon, I don't like lemon cheesecake. I can't think of any other extravagant flavours that I've tried right now. And even though I say I don't like it, I'll still eat it. We mostly have strawberry because it's Nat's favourite, but I like to branch out now and then, I like the one with nuts (is that nectarine?) and I recently discovered that I LOVE natural, sweetened yoghurt. Deliciamo!

I also love dairy food, even though that really is "pudding" like my mum used to say and not yoghurt. I still love it.

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