Saturday, July 12, 2008


Most chores are fine. In fact, I love folding washing.

I love folding everything the same way and incredibly neatly with no wrinkles in the clothes and all the same size so that they stack well. You can fit more in your drawers that way too. I really have fun with towels.

But there are some chores that I hate.

I hate doing the dishes.

Just at our house. I don't know why just at our house, but that's the way it is. I put it off as long as I can and then most of the time I ask Nat to do them. It just takes so much of my time when I finally do it, and Theo wreaks havoc on the house while I have my back turned way back in the kitchen. I just don't like it.

I hate transferring all the wet clothes that have been soaking into the washing machine.

I am soaking a lot of things all the time because I have a baby and we use cloth nappies. So there is constantly a sink full of Napisan with something soaking. I tend to wait until I really run out of nappies and really have to wash them before I'll do all the proper treatment, and then I always dread the transfer from sink to washing machine. You see in our tiny little flat, the laundry sink is in the bathroom, and the washing machine, though only about 3 metres away, is through 3 doors, up and down a step in the kitchen. It's just so annoying because it drips while I carry it, or else I have to find a way for it not to drip (I still don't have a permanent solution for this), and since I always wait until I really have to wash everything I always have to make so many trips. And it makes my hands cold until I can wash and dry them when I'm done.

I hate mopping.

This one is a bit deceiving because I actually love mopping, but I hate doing it here at our house. The reasons for this are that we have no inbuilt storage and the flat is quite small for 2 and a bit people, so we have a lot of stuff tucked away under other stuff, but on the floor. So to mop the bathroom I need to take the three different washing bag/hampers out (it is neccessary to have three I assure you), the scale, the baby bathing aid and the tray that contains both soap and recycling (like empty shampoo bottles and empty toilet rolls). It's not actually that bad except that there's not really anywhere to put it all because of the layout and lack of space here, and I end up trapped in the bathroom once I'm finished having to tip toe over all that stuff to get out. The kitchen has even more sitting on the floor. So this makes me loathe mopping, because I loathe the necessary preparation, even though I actually love mopping.

And I don't know why I love mopping. But I do.

What a vent! Guess which chores need to be done in my house right now while Nat is watching Theo so I have free time and so instead I'm blogging when I should be busy?


  1. When I am rich I will pay someone to come and do our dishes. I do not think this makes me a bad person. Okay, I sort of think it does, maybe. But I'll tell you who is DEFINITELY a bad person - me when I don't want to the dishes, and neither does Haki, I grow horns.

  2. This doesn't make you a bad person. In fact it makes you a good person, because you are providing employment for someone else. Even if you make your kids do it one day when they're old enough so it's not quite employment, you're teaching them to work. So really, as long as you don't have to do them, it's all good.