Monday, July 14, 2008

Not quite sure...

You know when you can't get to a computer for whatever reason for a little while, and during that time you compose numerous blog posts in your head? Well I've been doing that recently, but now that I've got the time that I wanted to sit down and post, I can't think of a thing. Except for this one post I thought of doing, but it involves taking pictures to post which I can't be bothered doing at the moment, and also I think I might still do the post some other time so I won't tell you about it.

I did just think of one thing though.

I love it when I don't have to make dinner.

Whether we have leftovers, Nat makes it, we get take out, we go to someone else's house or whatever determines it, I love it. It takes so much stress out of the day.

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