Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Romantic Comedies

I love a good romantic comedy.

Here are some of my favourite romantic love moments ever. Note that if you have not seen the movie listed and want to sometime, you might want to skip that description, because they're going to be pretty detailed.

Pride and Prejudice (BBC version, aka the best and only version worth seeing): I love the part where Darcy's sister is playing the piano and someone in the room mentions Wickham, which causes her to stumble in her playing. Elizabeth, aware of the history between the two, rushes to her rescue by saying something like "How rude of me to leave you playing without someone to turn your page". Darcy, who knows that Elizabeth knows that that is not why his sister made a mistake, looks at Elizabeth with such adoration and appreciation and she looks back at him in such a way that you just know they love each other. Even though they're a long way off from being together.

You've Got Mail: I love at the very end in the park when Tom Hanks comes in to view and he's calling out to Brinkley, so Meg knows that he's the one she's waiting for, and it shows her crying because she's so glad it's him. And Tom stands still for a bit and looks at her and shrugs, and she just cries some more because she loves him so much and after everything he's done she knows he loves her so much too. And then he says "Don't cry Shopgirl" (I hate that line) but then she says "I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly." (I LOVE that line). And then they take forever to kiss, which is good in this instance. Ahhh what a great ending.

The Sound of Music: I love when the children are singing to the Baroness, Elsa, and the father looks over lovingly at Maria, so grateful for all she's done for his children, and she looks back at him very much in love. This is the moment that the Baroness brings up later to scare Maria back to the convent.

P.S. I Love You: This ones a bit different because you're not watching the two characters wend their way toward each other, so it's not quite the same feel. But I LOVED the WHOLE movie. I watched it with Nat last night, it was the second time I'd seen it, and I cried the whole way through, AGAIN. So no one moment with this one, but just a great movie as a whole.

The Village (aka my favourite movie, and it's a period piece romance people! Not a horror): I love when Ivy and Lucius are sitting outside on the porch. The whole scene. It gives me warm fuzzies. She asks why he's on her porch, he says because it's not safe. Then she asks him a whole lot of questions pretty much saying "I know you love me, now just admit it and we'll get married and be happy" (but it's so great how she does it, you've just got to watch it and see) and he goes on to answer all her questions finishing with "And yes, I will dance with you at our wedding..." and then they kiss. Ahhhh. Another great romantic moment.

The Family Man: I love it when the wife says "How do you do that?"
Husband: "What?"
Wife: "How can you look at me like you haven't seen me every day for the past 8 years?"
And then I think they kiss. Can't quite remember, but that's a nice moment, and I especially love when the romantic moment is between a husband and wife (another reason why P.S. I Love You was SO great).

Some of my favourite non-romantic love moments (well, good ones that I've seen lately so they're fresh in my mind):

Tarzan (Disney animated): I love the moment after Tarzan's ape mother takes him to his human house and shows him his human heritage and then leaves him to decide if he's going to leave the island or not and then the song "You'll be in my heart" starts and he looks around the house and finds a portrait of him as a baby and his parents. Then he dresses in a suit and walks out (symbolising his decision) and he says "No matter what, you'll always be my mother" and she says "No matter where you go, you will always be my son". Yeah, that's the moment that makes me cry.

Sweet Land: I love when Olaf bids for Frandsen's house at the auction. He's just been punched in the face by this guy and shunned by the whole community, but he shows up dirty after working for hours on end in the fields, with his betrothed who is kind of the source of all the friction, and he just bids as high as he needs to. And he's looking at Frandsen, who is looking at him, and Frandsen is so grateful (and amazed I think), and Olaf is so determined. He (Olaf) sees the bigger picture and is bigger than the disagreement they've had and knows what he needs to do. This is where I cried in this movie, not at a romantic love moment between Olaf and Inge. But then I love it when he says to Inge "I don't have $7000." and she says "I know". Then it shows that she's standing right there with him in what he's just done, despite all of her ill treatment. So lovely.

So that's all I can think of at the moment. I know there are more. But often the movie I'm watching will lack a "moment" of any kind. These are the movies that are not good and don't make it to my collection. Well, that's a bit harsh, but it's getting pretty rare to experience a good "moment" on film.
Anyone else have any to share?


  1. Your love for The Village causes me to feel proud of you, beyond the usual amount.

    I love the choreographed dance number in 13 Going on 30.

    I love when Nicole Kidman's character lays her head on Sean Penn's lap to rest in The Interpreter.

    I love Koro's face when he realises Pai is the one who retrieved his pounamu (Whale Rider, 2003).

    And of course, I must mention Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I love when Sallah tells Darcy to "Run!" through barred teeth behind an open newspaper, when Indiana reacts with, "I said, don't call me 'Junior'!" (after having open fired on Nazi soldiers), and I love his face when he thinks his father's concern is for him, and not the Ming Dynasty vase he believes he's destroyed.

    And I love when Emma and Mr Knightly finally embrace and kiss under that hallowed tree (Emma, 1996) - it is so long-awaited.

  2. Oh yay. Thanks Ange. I can't say I recognise all of those moments even thought I've seen all of those movies, mine were much more obvious ones.