Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finding Money

I LOVE finding money.

I have a friend who told me on her love list is: looking in the "change" slots of vending machines after which she exclaimed "Sometimes you find money!"
The other day I was walking along in town pushing Theo in his pram, and we walked past an electronics store that had Finding Nemo playing on their big screen tv's in the window, so I stopped to show Theo. Then we continued walking down to the corner where we waited for the green man to cross, but as we were approaching I saw the guy in front of me bend down and pick up a coin, get out his wallet and put it in, then put his wallet away. He obviously hadn't dropped it. Just a coin, but still. I couldn't help but think that if I hadn't stopped to show Theo Nemo, whom he didn't even recognise or enjoy, that guy wouldn't have walked past us, I would have made it to the crosswalk first and I would have found that 10c-$2. I could've had an ice block on the way home.
Then again, Nat and I were driving across town and we saw someone on the corner bend over and pick up a note. Nat saw it mostly. I kept asking questions like "Are you sure he didn't drop it?" "Did you see him walk up to it and find it?" as if it mattered. Nat said "Well I saw his face once he picked it up. I think he found it." I was so upset. Logic was no comfort to me. He had found the money and I hadn't.
It's funny, whenever I find money, or watch someone else find money, it always makes me watch the ground that I'm walking over so much more attentively. But really, what's the chance of finding MORE money?
Once when I was something like 7, my sister Erika found $10 at the supermarket, under a bread tray shelf. That was a lot of money to us wee kids, who earned 25c a week allowance. I remember saving up to buy a jawbreaker gobstopper that cost $1 which I then made last as long as I had saved up for it, and once wanting to buy a bookmark worth something like $2.50 but I was sure by the time I had saved for it it would have been bought by someone else, because everyone loves hand drawn kittens. How that memory ends is another story in itself.
Anyway, Erika found this money, she handed it in to customer service in case someone came to claim it, and after a week the money was given back to Erika and me, $5 each. What a fortune. But I think Erika's still a little bitter about the fact that SHE found the money, yet somehow it was returned to US. I don't remember how that one worked out, but I 'll bet I welcomed that 5 months worth of savings to my candy fund with unquestioning gratitude and immediate expenditure.

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