Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I love receiving mail.
My friend Johanna in Australia posts me goodies sometimes like deep conditioning hair treatments and "Hairspray" on DVD. Bless her. It's the best.

But it doesn't even have to be posted, even emails and "private messages" (Nat insists that they aren't emails when sent over Facebook) make my day. I always reply (unless it's a forward). And so then I look forward to checking again tomorrow and having something more that's especially for me. But it turns out not everyone replies to their emails. I'll admit, sometimes there needs to be an end. For example you can't keep on emailing "great trade, thanks" after you've bought something on trademe, or "yeah that was really funny" "I thought so too" "yeah that was really funny" needs a full stop as well. But I always ask questions in the emails that I want replies to, I feel like that's the difference and the real neon sign that I want a reply. Well apparently not so neon a sign, not even a sign to some people.
At least I have my reader.