Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snack food

I love snack food. And I love it when it's home made. And I love it when I'VE made it. It makes me feel so housewifey.

We've just moved (more details to come on that). Yesterday was my first attempt at baking; time to get to know our new oven. I made pizza breadsticks (delicious - I'll post the recipe if someone asks).

So, even though they're delicious, you might notice that they're slightly burnt on the bottom there. I baked two trays at once and the lower one apparently was too close to the element. Dang.

I thought I'd ruined both trays when I first tasted them, they were way too salty. This is because the friend that gave me the recipe recommended toppings and one was garlic salt, which we don't have. So every time I make them I tell Nat "We should get garlic salt" and then try to compensate by mixing crushed garlic and salt together. It never works well. I should learn. We should buy garlic salt, but neither happen. They're good today though, the burnt ones are a little dry I'll admit, but the saltiness level seems to have magically come down. YUM. Yay for ready made food.

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