Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So here it is. The chocolate post. I love chocolate.

Now lots of people might say that, but I really do. There was a time when I used to eat chocolate like bread. Let me describe that time.
I was 12. I loved chocolate then too. I had a birthday party, and since it was my last one before I went to college and lost all my friends (because I was attending a different school than 98% of my classmates) I got to invite a lot of people. I can't remember how I worded it, but on the invitations it said something like "It's not compulsory to bring me some chocolate, but it will help you get in the door" or something equally ridiculous. But it worked. I ended up with something like; 20 king size blocks of chocolate, 2 of those 400g or 500g blocks or whatever it is that you get from The Warehouse, one of those massive blocks that come wrapped in cardboard for $20 (back in the day, also from The Warehouse), 2 nestle blocks (which were stolen by my sisters. They stole the 2 flavoured blocks, mint aero and milky bar m&m. Was bitter about that for a long time), 2 boxes of flavoured chocolates like roses or something, tons of chunky bars and tons of marshmallow santas. It was a good day.
So I had this coconut shell that I used to use in my room to keep stuff in, and once I had this massive stash of chocolate, I remember I used to take one dark and one milk block of chocolate and break them both up into segments 2 squares big and fill this coconut shell with them. Perfect fit. Then I'd carry that with me and just chomp down. Seemingly endless refills available. I remember having some weird logic that it was nutritionally like eating bread somehow, but I can't remember how that went. So anyway, all that chocolate was gone in a week. I remember because my birthday is exactly one week before Christmas, and it was all gone by Christmas day.
I just finished eating the last of a packet of chocolate chips. They were bought for a certain recipe (and were used) but the leftovers have been disappearing and now are finally gone. A poor substitute I know, but better than nothing.
My in-laws have a green and white glass bowl that they keep filled with Jaffa's most of the time (Jaffa's are a red candy, chocolate inside, orange flavoured shell. Chocolate and orange mixed now equals Jaffa). They do it because it's aesthetically pleasing. Now I like to eat those Jaffa's. I like it a lot. But one day I realised that the way I eat them is to bite the shell off and enjoy the inside, so really I just like chocolate, not so much Jaffa's.
I've gotten a lot better over the years at curbing my infatuation. Mostly because I'm better at curbing my spending, but also because I actually try to be healthy now (sometimes) and so a block a day doesn't jive with that mentality. But most definitely doesn't jive with my budget.
I don't know if anyone will ever understand. I think my family does. But besides that, I think people will just assume I'm one of the masses who "love" chocolate. If only they knew.
Literally, used to be a block a day.
Oh the days when the money I earned didn't have more pressing and responsible places and ways to be spent. When I lived at home with my parents. Oh the days.
Now when I go home I relive those days just a little bit as described in my last post. Oh the days.


  1. I am one of the chocolate thieves...and while I do not cling to the memory as you do, I can readily reproduce the logic that would have led to the crime... We were doing you a favour; you had plenty; it's a love tax. Need I go on?

    You're a cracker.

  2. Actually, I remember your logic being (as you explained it to me) "She has so much, she won't miss them". Perhaps that would have been true if you'd taken a couple or even MORE of the plain milk or dark blocks, but you took the only two flavoured blocks in the pile. Silly silly. It's hard for me to forget.