Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Time

I love family time, Christmas and vacation. They seem a bit synonymous for me. Well, interconnected at least.

We just spent a few days out at my parents house, and my sister Erika and her family (Tim - husband, kids - Austin, Mackenzie) came out too. And some other friends for one night (Liam and Alana). It was really good, I loved it. Here are some highlights.

The Beach - We went to the beach on our first day there. The weather was so nice, we arrived around 3 or 4pm and stayed until about 6pm and it was so warm the whole time. I went for a swim (didn't go under though) and so did Nat. Austin and Tim paddled. Theo was afraid of the water and the sand. He spent his time clinging to Mum, Dad or Grandma or else sitting on a towel playing with shells. I could leave him on the towel and go look for things for him to play with without worrying what he would get up to because any time he got sand anywhere on his skin he would call out and get me to wipe it off. So he had a meter square of towel that he just sat on. It was quite convenient, but I do hope he enjoys the beach a bit more soon.

Chocolate - Mum and Dad have a great store cupboard. They've got maybe more than a years supply of a lot of foods. They have a nice big stack of king size blocks of chocolate included in that store cupboard. We ate I think about a block per person over our time there. It was so nice because Nat and I haven't been including chocolate in what's affordable for us lately, so it was a lovely treat. I'm going to write a post one day about just how much I love chocolate. It's my favourite treat. So delicious. I ate most of it I'm sure even though I said "about a block per person". And I justified it because this was the last time we'll see my parents until January because they're going away and then we are, so I told myself this was like our Christmas with them. It worked. I don't feel guilty.

Acquire - This is an Armstrong family classic board game, but I'd never gotten in to it. I've sat through many hours of play with my dad over the years, so I'm used to the jargon: the company names (Continental, Imperial, American, Luxor, Festival, Worldwide and Tower - didn't even break a sweat) , "Tower's going under", Dad saying "If you draw it will be my turn" etc. But I still didn't get it. I'd even played once and I still didn't get it. Well this time I played again, and I still didn't really get it, because I had no money for the whole game after making a single poor decision at the beginning. Then I played again. And it was great. I got it. It was fun. And I beat Dad by about $1000. Nat beat us both by about $20,000. It's not about the fact that I didn't lose either. Dad said it makes a big difference when you have money to when you don't. He was right.

Fresh home-grown peas in the pod - Mum has a great edible garden, and this is the perfect time of year to visit and enjoy the fruits of her labours. We got a few strawberries and had lettuce and beet greens from her garden at dinners. Lemons are a dime a dozen. But the peas were the best. They were slightly sweet and just perfect when you eat the whole pod. I picked all the pods I could see. I felt a bit bad that (Nat and) I ate them all, but Mum said there were plenty of flowers so there would be plenty more soon. So I did it anyway.

It was a great little vacation for us. I loved it. Thanks Mum and Dad.

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