Friday, December 19, 2008

Re-using packaging

Christmas is fun for lots of reasons. One less obvious one for me is that I love re-using packaging. It makes my presents look better.

Because of this it is also very fortunate that my birthday is a week before Christmas. I got given a lovely dark chocolate cupcake from the Chocolate Cake Company for my birthday yesterday, and I was delighted today to realise that I now have a pretty pink box with matching ribbons just in time for Christmas. I just need to get that sticker off and we're a go.

I also love receiving gifts in gift bags for this reason. And receiving clothes packed in boxes. Some people might call it frugal, other people might use other, less polite or positive words, but it's verging on a hobby of mine and it gives me great pleasure to be able to pack up the gifts I'll be giving in fancy ways, without having to pay for it myself.


  1. Me too! I love reusing gift wrap. I sometimes use my favourite recycled wraps for Michael so that I can use them again and again for years to come. This year though, I went to wrap with some of those and thought it was time to retire them which was sad, but necessary. too many folds and tape marks....they were getting pretty tatty (most of them came from wedding present wrapping. 5 years of reusing is pretty good tho!). I do have quite a good ribbon collection though!

  2. I used a tiny box that previously had....??? in it...and sent cookies to Lucy in Christchurch!!