Friday, January 23, 2009

A Bunch of Fours

Angela tagged me to do this. So I will. Maybe she was trying to get me to write for the first time in a month, but really, our new computer only just arrived this afternoon and so I am getting on to it. Much to my horror our last iMac died (broken logic board, feel my pain) early January after we had had it for only 2 1/2 years and neglected to buy the 3 year extended warranty on purchase. So. Finally back on and still feeling the pang of loss, here it is Ange.

Also, please keep in mind that I'm 37 weeks pregnant at the moment, and although I have tried, I think that some of my answers are tainted by this.

4 Things I'm Passionate About:
  • Sleep.
  • Doing something right, or how I think it is meant to be done.
  • Good food.
  • Doing easy good deeds and things to help the world which mostly involves signing petitions on the internet.
4 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
  • "Are you pooping?"
  • "Are you hungry?"
  • "Nat could you please (fill in the blank with any of my hundreds of requests of him each day)?"
  • "Would you like a little treat?"
4 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
  • Learn another language.
  • Design and build our own house.
  • Something meaningful and lasting like writing a symphony.
  • Put together an excellent personal history.
4 Things I Have Learned From the Past:
  • I won't remember how bad something feels as soon as it is over (eg. morning sickness, labour and delivery, ripping off a bandaid, getting my ears pierced, getting injections etc)
  • If you just make up your mind to jump off the ledge, then you're already falling and can't change your mind or waste more time deciding. You don't really have to decide to land, that will happen anyway.
  • When dealing with people a little effort goes a long way.
  • Most relationships are worth the effort they take to maintain.
4 Places I Want to See or Visit:
  • Hawaii - because it's hot and nice and American.
  • Another pacific island, maybe Samoa - because it's hot and there is culture to observe and enjoy.
  • Ohio - to visit my eldest brother who I haven't seen for years.
  • The South Island - to visit with my other siblings down there.
4 Favourite Restaurants:
  • Lone Star - because they give us free stuff
  • The Mexican Cafe
  • The Mediterranean Food Warehouse
  • Strawberry Fare - more for the experience than the food really
4 Things that Happened Yesterday:
  • I took a nap. So did Nat (he's working night shift at the moment). So did Theo. Yay family nap time.
  • Theo poked himself in the eye with a flash card. It was quite traumatic.
  • I made chocolate rock cakes, the oaty no bake cookie things, because I've been bingeing on sweets lately and spending all my Christmas money on chocolate. This way I can satisfy the urge without getting so out of pocket.
  • Theo threw dirt out of the herb pot onto the carpet. He thinks that is funny.

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  1. Ah...2 things:

    1 - Yeah, darn right I tagged where's my link chicka?


    2 - My motives were pure! I tag people when I actually care about their answers...i.e. yours.