Saturday, April 11, 2009

Radio Static

I hate static.

I hate it on the radio, I hate it on tv. I hate it interfering on my phone. I hate the fact that it interferes with whatever I'm doing in all of these instances, but I also just hate the sound of it. Oh it gets me. It gets me good.

On a positive note, I love the radio. Not necessarily a certain station or listening to the radio. More specifically, I love it when Nat wins stuff from radio competitions. He is very good at this. He listens with such dedication when he knows there is something worthwhile to be won, and with interest when there's just the usual Black Thunders or everyday prizes to be won. He checks the websites, he makes sure he is in the know. He is very good. He has come home with sports event tickets (which made us friends with our neighbours), free chocolate or other food and drink (which makes me happy at getting a treat), a petrol voucher, an Estee Lauder bag full of products (which made my face happy), tickets to The Killers (which made us a ton of money on Trademe) and $1000!!! Needless to say that last one made us happy.

Yes as much as I love to complain about Nat listening to the radio all day, I love the fruits of his labours. You can't criticise him when you look at what it's gotten him.

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