Thursday, June 4, 2009

Being warm

I love being warm. Therefore:

1. I take long showers. The colder it is outside the shower the longer the shower is. I have to muster the strength to face the cold that turning off the shower means. I also turn the nozzle further and further the longer I'm in there because I acclimatise to the water temperature and need to turn it up.
2. I eat porridge for breakfast. Warm meals always warm me, I try and heat a lot of my food in winter.
3. I love my electric blanket. I love it so much that I left it on one night and woke up scorching a few hours later so I need to find a balance with that one.
4. I wear two pairs of socks when I can.
5. I don't mind having the kids sleep in my bed. Too bad they don't like it really.
6. I drink warm/hot water. Nat tells me this is gross.
7. I used to take a hot water bottle to high school under my jersey.
8. I love slippers. I used to take my slippers to high school too. I haven't had any for years though because I used to stand on Nat's feet when we first got married and so he made me get rid of them to spare his toes.
9. We looked forward to having a baby because then we had a good excuse to heat our house as much as we wanted.
10. I love visiting my parents house (or my in-laws) because of the free warmth (free for me anyway!).

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