Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movies that were good when I thought they wouldn't be

The "Extras" finale special.
I think I expected this one to be bad because I'd heard something like that from someone. But I think it's pretty good, and a pretty good idea too because the show was really just needing the closure I think. It gets on a wee bit in that last season. Anyway. I hadn't seen all of the show before I watched the finale, just a few episodes here and there, enough to know what was going on. Now we're going back and watching a few more of them and it's filling in a few gaps that I'd encountered in watching the special which makes the special even better now that I've seen more of what led up to it. But it would be ok as a stand alone movie. Especially if you're in to that sort of thing, it delivers exactly the comedy you'd expect really. And comedy's my favourite.

Son of Rambow
I was not looking forward to this purely because of the way that "Rambow" is spelt. I hadn't seen the cover because Nat had rented it and it came home in a United Video case so I didn't know that it was a movie with kids for the main characters. That would have also put me off. But I enjoyed it. I thought it was quite good, definitely not a "Disney" kids movie and had some decent issues raised in it. There were a couple REALLY funny moments.

The Rocker
Generally when I see Rainn Wilson in things other than The Office he still seems exactly like Dwight to me. I also have a pang of hate for disaster movies, which I thought this would be. So I wasn't looking forward to this one really, just because I thought it wouldn't be very good. I would watch it anyway though because even if Rainn Wilson played a "Dwight" character it would still be funny, if not original. But this one exceeded expectations immensely. I think Rainn's character is different enough from Dwight and it's not the disaster movie I was expecting when I saw he was the main character. It's quite good I think. I'd watch it again and probably enjoy it way more the second time.

I don't know why but I was expecting a not too good movie. NOT AT ALL SO. This is one of my favourite movies ever now, I REALLY want to own it. But we don't really buy DVD's anymore even though we had a real stint there. Maybe we'll get it eventually. I watched this by myself one night when Nat was out, and then watched it again with him a few nights later, I may have even watched it again with Erika. I really liked it. ALL GOOD I think.


  1. I would not have rented those middle two...and now I will. You have changed the course of history.

  2. Yay. At least I know someone is reading my blog and getting something from it.