Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running cont.

Good things about running:
- I have improved: I have lengthened my route and breathe a lot easier nowadays.
- The guy that smokes: he lives on one of the corners that I run by and for a few days we had the same running/ciggie schedule. He's become a friendly face on my route.
- I wonder if people wish they were me: I used to see people exercising, especially running, and think there was something special about them. I have learned that motivation + opportunity = exercise. So that something special that they had that I didn't was motivation. And opportunity. And exercise.
- My shoes: they are still awesome.
- Nat's iPod: being pleasantly surprised at what Nat has been listening to, and how this works out to be a good "shuffle".
- The skinny house: I remember Angela telling me about half-houses in Dunedin once. This is the skinniest half-house I have EVER seen! It's a bit of entertainment mid-route.

Bad things about running:
- The first day: I felt like throwing up afterwards and it took me about half an hour to recover enough to function as a human being afterwards. I thought running was the worst idea I'd ever had.
- 8am: if I don't get out early enough the road workers that store all their equipment at a temporary work site at the end of our street start to show up.
- My body: even though breathing has gotten easier my body doesn't seem to find the whole running thing any easier. And I still look a lot more like the first picture than the second picture. Especially my mummy tummy.
- Running clubs: they are cooler than solo runners. I have not yet figured out what makes them cooler than me but I think it has something to do with desire and enjoyment. Anyway, when a group of people in exercise clothes run past me I always feel a little intimidated and a little less cool.

Nearly three weeks in and I'm still 100%, I haven't missed a day yet. Yay for me!

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