Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bean Salad

I love bean salad.

I think it's another thing that tells you about my metabolism. I don't know. But Nat's mum makes the best bean salad ever. Whenever she asks me what she should bring to something I always say bean salad. She told me last time that no one else actually eats it and so she ends up taking it home and giving it to me. That's actually fine with me because I love to eat it so much. So I was looking forward to having some leftovers after someone's potluck wedding dinner held at our church building the other week, but SHOCK HORROR! It got all eaten up! Now I guess that's what you would normally aim for when you bring a plate to share, but I was bummed!

So last Sunday she made a big bowl to have with the Sunday roast just for me. And I got to take home leftovers.

I have great in-laws. And not just because they feed me. But that is pretty great.

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  1. So...I followed this link in search or a recipe...but it seems you linked to just a picture. CRUEL!