Friday, July 24, 2009


I love love LOVE cheesecake.

It is my favourite dessert. It is soooo good. Oh I love it. I read once that you can tell what your metabolism is like by what things you like to eat and it said "If you like cheesecake then..." but I can't remember the rest but I definitely fall in to that category.

I can make cheesecake. The refrigerated kind. It's delish. The first time I made it after Nat and I were married he said something like "You are some woman". He truly loves me. I've never made a baked one but I love to eat all kinds of cheesecakes. And Mississippi Mud Pies.

Every week Nat goes to boys night at his friends house. His friend's wife is perfect (I say that with admiration. She bakes their families bread instead of buying it type perfect). She does everything well, including making delicious cheesecake. Every week Nat gets to sample her treats and sometimes he brings some home. Sometimes I feel bad about how much he consumes, for example, once she made cinnamon rolls for her daugter to sell at the school fair, and Nat went over there and ate them all and brought some home so that she had to make more! Nat didn't know they were for the school fair though, and I can't exactly complain because her baking is A-MAZ-ING. She was so good about it too, all like "It's okay, I just had to make some more" like churning out 3 batches of cinnamon rolls when you have three kids to look after is no challenge.

So this week Nat brought home some cheesecake. It is soooooo good. Have a look.
Now just in case it doesn't look good to you here's what it is: brownie base, as thick as if you were just going to eat a brownie on it's own, baked filling, chocolate drizzled across the top.

Oh it's good. When Erika first described it to me she said she wants to make and eat a cheesecake like this one every day for the rest of her life. It's a good cheesecake. Oh so good.

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