Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I love dreams and dreaming.

I try to tell my dreams to Nat so that I remember them better, because once I've described them to him I can recall it again and again because it's locked in. He doesn't really like listening to them because they're pretty out there, but it doesn't matter if he listens or not as long as I say it out loud.

A recurring dream that I have is that I'm back at high school. And I've lost my timetable. And I didn't memorise it. And I don't know what day it is. And I need to go to my next class. So after a moments panic I head to the music room because in 7th form I had 2 music periods and a study period so out of 6 possible allocations it was almost a 50/50 chance that I'm due at music, or else a study so it wouldn't matter if I turned up at music. And that's the dream. It's always the same! But actually another time I dreamed about high school and I was trying to drop my calculus class for another music period because I was failing anyway (true to life) but my calc teacher said I wasn't allowed to take more than two music classes so I said I'd change to English and he said "English is practically music so you can't take that either".

Another recurring theme that comes up in my dreams is that I'm trying to go out with a boy. Sometimes one I know (mostly boys I knew at high school), sometimes celebrities (last time it was Matthew Fox) and sometimes completely original figments of my imagination. So I do all these things to get his attention in my dream, and then when I finally do I realise that I'm married and think "Actually I love my husband, why am I here again?" and leave whoever it is hanging. It sounds cruel when I say it out loud.

I'm also very often a secret agent. I'm the only one who knows the secret. I have to get to wherever I'm going and disable the bomb/stop the terrorist attack. Once I was running through a tunnel that was the shape of a circle and I had to climb up, over and through hundreds and hundreds of boxes. That's what was stopping me from saving the world. Hundreds of boxes. Go figure.

Recently I had a dream where I was at high school, and I was walking to my art class with my art teacher Gordon Ramsay, who I had a crush on (in the dream). We got to the secluded "art wing" of the building and he opened the door for me to enter the art room (enough to make a girl go silly) and then to my surprise yelled "Get down!" and pushed me to the floor. He was a secret agent and there were baddies in the art room, he pushed me down so I wouldn't get shot. So anyway the baddies kidnap me to get back at Gordon Ramsay, but the thing that they don't know is that I'm a secret agent too and we actually wanted them to kidnap me so I can get in to their secret lair and steal secrets from them. Gordon had been training me secretly. So then the dream started over, I'm walking to art class with Gordon Ramsay, we get to the door, he yells "Get down" and the baddies capture me again, but this time they knew I was an agent and they were going to torture ME to steal secrets. It was actually a sequel, not a rerun. And that's where it ended. But it was pretty exciting while it lasted.

Guess what tv shows I've been watching?


  1. 1. While I was teaching full-time I dreamt I was back at University...but I forgot I was...and so I had missed a number of lectures and tutorials. This caused me crazy amounts of distress.

    2. In-dream, I have been trapped in a warehouse with the insurmountable task of saving the world by finding something in a box. The warehouse is full of boxes. It reminds me of the storage facility in Indiana Jones...where they take The Ark of the Covenant.

    3. Gordon Ramsay is ug-boots. Tell me it is only the dream-you that could conceive of him as even remotely attractive.

    P.S. Nice blog header. You're cool.

  2. YES IT IS ONLY IN THE DREAM THAT I HAD A CRUSH ON GORDON RAMSAY! I tried to make that clear in how I wrote the post. And I tried to choose a picture of him where he's not trying to do (what I assume is) a cutesy pose. Trust me, I was just as alarmed that he turned up in that capacity in my dream. That's part of why it's worth mentioning.

    I have the awesomest header. This really cool girl made it for me. (