Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I went for a walk today...

I went for a walk today and encountered a few things. Some I loved, some I hated. First the loves.

1) Theo sticking his little hand out from the pram to push the crosswalk buttons and pick flowers from one particular bush. Things that have become routine on our walks.
2) The noise for the "green man" sounded at an intersection and a whole bunch of people started to cross the road, but the noise was for an adjacent road, not ours. And so when they realised they all tried to re-balance on the footpath and, I like to think, pretend that they didn't just try to cross the road.

1) Being able to smell someone from 3 metres away. Seriously. They were in front of my pram by about a metre, so that's got to be around 3. I wonder if they knew that they really needed to have a shower and/or wash their clothes but they just couldn't at the moment for some reason? In which case I would stop judging them so much. But it's never good to smell someone from that far. Even if it's not bodily/poor hygiene odours, for example if it's perfume, from that far away it's still no good. Generally a pleasant smelling perfume from within a metre is okay with me.
2) Seeing spew on the footpath.

1 comment:

  1. When I was in seventh grade I had a teacher that gave us "words of wisdom" for middle school. One of her pieces of advice was simply, "Don't smell too strongly - one way OR the other."

    Good words to live by, I say.