Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recent Screen Moments

I loved in He's Just Not That Into You:
-the girl talking after the "If he's not calling you..." screen going on about caller ID and how she's not psycho. It was just perfect.
-I totally cried a couple times. Hadn't done that in a while. That might be a lie.

In The Bachelor:
-4 of the girls talking in the bathroom together about themselves and Jason ("The Bachelor"). Two of the girls were in the bath in their togs and two were just there for company's sake. Loved it.
-One of the ladies was a mom and she called her daughter on speaker phone. All the other girls gathered around to listen and go "Awww". One of the girls was wearing a green face mask. Loved it.
-Jason not giving out the 6th rose so that only 5 girls went to Seattle. We totally didn't like the other girls so it was awesome they all got cut out.

In the Amazing Race:
-Team Dandrew left their shoes at a costume shop and then had no shoes. So funny.
-Nick and Starr won. Yay!

In Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Faves:
-Eric handing over personal immunity to Natalie.
-James winning viewers favourite for the second season in a row. So that's what someone looks like when they win $100,000.
-Ozzy saying that he loved Amanda at the final tribal council. They (and James) were totally my faves.

Yes Man
Apart from a couple icky moments I really enjoyed this one. I found it really funny and watched it twice (once alone, once with Nat). I loved on the bloopers in the hospital where Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) says to Terrence Bundley (Terence Stamp) "Sorry about your head, and Terrence replies "What about my face, are you sorry about my face?" and then his "Whatever." And I loved Munchausen By Proxy. Watched all the music vids. So funny. And Fair Anush.

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