Saturday, July 18, 2009


I love it when Nat talks in his sleep. It makes my day/night.

Recently he went to bed before me by an hour or so and was asleep by the time I came to bed. When I climbed in he reached out and grabbed me and said "Oh baby, I just love you so bad!" He called it out so loudly that it woke the baby so I got up to get her and feed her before going to bed. I was laughing about it and said to Nat "You were so loud you woke Sadie" and he said "What?"
Me: "You were so loud you woke Sadie"
Nat: "What?"
Me: "You just called out 'Oh baby I love you so bad' and you yelled so loudly that you woke Sadie. Do you not remember that?"
Nat: "Oh."
By the morning he didn't remember me coming to bed at all, let alone any conversation we'd had. And he never calls me 'Baby'.

One night before we had our kids Nat got up out of bed and went to the kitchen. Our flat was very small, there were doors to the kitchen, bathroom and lounge from our bedroom, the door to the kitchen was a french door and to the lounge was a curtain. Living in this setup is a different story. Anyway, I heard him open the cupboard and the fridge. Then all of a sudden he ran to the bathroom and it sounded like he fell on the floor. He'd been a bit unwell that day, so I thought he'd had a sudden bout of nausea and ran to the toilet for that reason. So I assumed that the splat I'd heard was vomit hitting the floor, and I was really not looking forward to facing that. So I just stayed in bed. For a while. After Nat hadn't made a sound for quite some time I went to the bathroom and found him laying on the floor, and I got him to come back to bed. No spew. Thank goodness.
In the morning I found out Nat's side of the story. He thinks it was a hallucination because he remembers some of it. Maybe it was just sleepwalking. So actually it's not sleep talking, which is what I started out talking about, is it? But it's still a funny story. So Nat had wanted a drink. In the morning we found the orange juice and a glass on the bench half filled, with a little spillage. Nat said that all he remembered was wanting a drink, then hitting what he thought was the washing machine (which was in our kitchen, remember, really small flat) and falling to the floor (that was the "splat"). When he "came to" and found himself in the bathroom he didn't know what had happened so he came to bed.
So the composite of events: Nat wants a drink (this he remembers), goes to kitchen (he remembers), gets out a glass and juice (he doesn't remember), runs to the bathroom (he doesn't remember), hits the washing machine which is actually the wall of the bathroom (he remembers), and falls to the floor unconscious. Poor Nat. I felt like a bad wife for leaving him like that for so long just because I was afraid of a little spew.

The best one so far happened a couple years ago. Nat was working a contract at the time, he's a camera assistant and focus puller. The focus puller is in charge of measuring the distance the focus point of the shot is from the camera, then figuring out the focus that the camera will need to be on, and adjusting the focus during the shoot so that the right thing stays in focus as people and things move. A standard day on a film shoot lasts for 10 3/4 hours, so days and days of this become pretty all consuming and tiring. He needed his sleep. One night I wake up to Nat patting the duvet on top of me and all over the bed.
Me: "What are you looking for?"
Nat: "The tape measure"
Me: "What?"
Nat: "The tape measure!"
Me: "I don't understand"
Me: "We don't have one"
Nat: "Auh!" (The sort of sound that means "She doesn't know WHAT she's talking about!" that may in some instances be accompanied by a clicking of the tongue.)
He continued to pat the bed for a bit then eventually climbed back over me and in to bed.

So funny. He never remembers a thing. When I used to sleep against the wall and the lamp was beside him, he'd fall asleep while I was reading. I used to just ask him to turn it off when I was done and he would. Even though he was asleep. And he never remembers these things! That's what makes it so funny! I try to get it out of him now too. Whenever he makes a noise or comment in the middle of the night I try as hard as I can to produce another one of these episodes by asking "Is there anything else?" It's rarely worked. I guess you can't force such experiences. But they're oh so great when they come around.

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