Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being a mother

Things I love about being a mother

  • Unconditional love: And how it goes both ways. Although giving Theo eyedrops did make him hate me for about half an hour, they just can't help but love you. It's nice to be the one they reach out for.
  • Hearing Theo call out "Mama!"
  • Being one of the few who can understand Theo's language and speech, being a translator for those less familiar with him and the humour this can bring.
  • Having little hands on my face.
  • Being able to change Sadie's entire countenance with one quick moment of eye contact.
  • Having a little baby that only needs to be fed, changed, put to bed, and loved. I've said before that at the beginning they're really just like an accessory. A really cute accessory.
  • Being told that my children are so cute/beautiful/gorgeous/fill this space.
  • Watching Theo choose to be obedient.
  • Watching Theo learn.
  • Being someone's favourite person.
  • Having more birthdays to celebrate.
  • The tiny clothes.
  • Watching my children fall asleep.
  • Hearing my children laugh, and what they choose to laugh at.