Monday, August 24, 2009


I LOVE watching people dance.

Like, unplanned, personal styles type dancing. Routines and things are good too, but I just love the impromptu stuff. Like when someone is a guest on a talk show and somehow they end up dancing. It's the best. Watching is also one of my favourite parts of attending church dances (which is the only kind I attend in my current circumstances, although I do look forward to attending "family dances" with my kids when they go to primary school).

It's surprisingly hard to find a good video of this on YouTube though. Searching "solo dance" yielded dangerous results, and "impromptu dance" wasn't what I was looking for either. I found another video that was certainly entertaining*:

But not what I was looking for.

Then a friend shared this little gem on Facebook.

Perfect. I LOVE this. I've watched it SO many times. This is the kind of dancing I LOVE. I particularly love the couple dancing at around 1:40 in all of their unco wonderfulness.

*There are over 1500 people dancing in this video. This is a rehearsal, not the final performance. And aren't all those matching outfits great? Yeah, that's because they're in prison. What? Prison? Yeah. Great to see rehabilitation in progress huh? Trust the Philippines.

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