Saturday, August 15, 2009

How was your anniversary?

Nat and I have been married for four years. Yay.

How was our anniversary? Great.
What did we do to celebrate? We went out for dinner. Nat surprised me.
Where did we go? To a romantic little love themed bistro called "Two Souls". It was all red lighting, love hearts and tables for two. Very cute.
What did we order? We ordered scallops to share for our appetiser, then I got the duck and Nat got the lamb rack.
How great does that sound? SO great.
How much did it cost? Much. The most expensive items on the menu. Nat pulled out all the stops.
How high were my expectations? Alpine.
How great did it taste? Good.
Were my expectations met? To quote Nat "Is this the biggest rip off you've ever seen?" (read: no)
What went wrong? It was fine dining as in "1 fine wines EXCELLENT first-class, first-rate, great, exceptional, outstanding, quality, superior..." etc, but it was also "12 fine material SHEER light, lightweight, thin, flimsy..." etc meaning, we were still hungry after we'd finished.
Well how was the duck? Very good.
Was it my first time having duck? Yes. And I will have it again I liked it.
How was the lamb? Tasty. Moroccan style seasoning.
How were the scallops? Tiny! On Top Chef the scallops are like the size of a hockey puck. These scallops were about the size of my thumb nail. And I'm hardly exaggerating. And eating them did not answer my long unanswered query "What's the deal with scallops?"
Would you go there again? Probably not. If I'm dining fine again anytime soon I'll probably check if another establishment can tell me what the deal with scallops is.

Thanks again to Erika who looked after the kids for us, OVERNIGHT (our first time ever!), which involved getting up in the night to feed the baby. She is the best.


  1. Aww Mariah! You are so lucky to have such a sweet Husband (and sister :) ) I've always wondered what that place was like, now i know.

  2. Yeah it has mixed reviews online. I'm glad we went there, it was really nice and different to the places we normally go, but I think we'll try somewhere else next time.
    And yes, all my family is the best. I am lucky.