Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meadowlea Spread

I love Meadowlea Spread. And in saying that I can't believe that this is one of those things where I'm becoming like my parents.

Now I don't think that my parents like Meadowlea particularly, but they do like butter. I remember when I was young, if they had a nice warm slice of homemade bread or some other delicious baked good they would slather it with butter and say something like "Mmmm, butter". I used to think they were so weird. To me butter was just what went under jam.

Mum also occasionally served us a "salad", which was an iceberg lettuce leaf topped with a spoonful of cottage cheese. And they'd eat it and say something like "Mmmmm, cottage cheese". This was also weird. To me cottage cheese went in lasagne, and it came in a pot just like the sour cream one which meant that it was also a condiment and not my favourite one at that.

But since growing a bit older and wiser (and I guess also having to pay for my own dairy products and therefore knowing their true worth) I have been known to do similar things myself. I went through a definite butter stage. And then we started trying spreads because they're cheaper. We went through a couple gross ones until we found the gold. Meadowlea. It beats butter in my books. I'll slather some warm homemade bread with that deliciousness anytime.

And here is my predicament. Yesterday I made some sultana loaf which was meant to be raisin loaf but we have sultanas. The loaf in itself is not much to write home about, especially because it's overcooked. But I just CAN'T STOP EATING IT because the cookbook suggests to cut a thick slice and serve spread with butter (an especially good idea since mine is a bit dry). And I tell you what, that's a GREAT way to eat Meadowlea! I've eaten half the loaf, by myself, purely because after every slice I wanted more Meadowlea. It's so bad and so good all at the same time.


  1. Hi there! I have read your blog before, but I stopped because I was scared that you might post something about that time I spilled about Adam Lambert not winning American Idol under the "I hate it when" banner. Hahaha, I'm a geek. Anyways, I'm glad I got over myself because your blog is cute and you are funny :)

  2. kaikais I just checked out your blogs and they're great, you should post on all three more regularly. I'm subscribed now and look forward to reading you! And just so you know, I've forgiven you for the American Idol thing. Nice seeing you the other weekend!