Monday, August 3, 2009

My days work

I've gotten really in to sewing recently.

We Relief Society ladies at church were sewing baby blankets for the neo-natal unit, and it was only straight lines that for me sometimes had to be unpicked afterwards anyway, but it's prompted me in to a new hobby. I've borrowed the ward machine from church and started on a project. Here is my days work today.

It's a little blanket for Sadie to chew on. Her favourite thing to do is to chew on clothes, her swaddling wraps, any cloth material she can get her hands on. On Sunday it was the sleeve of the coat of the person sitting in front of her. So I'm going to make her a few "chewy blankets" that are just for her to chew on and become attached to. And I sewed on tags because they're her favourite part of many a toy at the moment. So I was pretty proud of it! My first sewing project!

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