Friday, August 7, 2009

The Weather

I LOVE the weather today!

This morning I walked to my sisters house for a book club meeting. I wore a woolen jersey, a scarf and warm hat.

At the meeting I ate all the yummy food that everyone else had brought and listened to the other ladies talk about a book that I didn't read while my son beat up the other kids and my daughter slept in the bedroom. It was really warm because my sisters lounge is two sides window and they'd had sun all morning. It was lovely.

Then I left the house and started to walk home, and it was still roasting warm! I was only wearing two layers, a singlet and long sleeved shirt. SINGLE LONG SLEEVES PEOPLE! And then when I got home I changed my long sleeves for short sleeves, partly because it is warm enough to do so and partly because I was showing obvious signs of being a nursing mother.

Hourly Observation

at 1pm Fri 7 August
Kelburn AWS
Temperature: 14 °C
Wind Speed: 9 km/h
Wind Direction: NW
Rainfall (last hr): 0.2 mm
Humidity: 70 %
Pressure: 1029 hPa

How good is that for Wellington in winter? Or is it spring? Anyway, I absolutely ADORE the weather today. It's a day for walking and riding pushbikes in the driveway. I'll take it.

After my nap.

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