Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ben Affleck and....?

The other day I was in the shower thinking about He's Just Not That Into You. I can't remember the train of thought that got me there so don't ask. Anyway, I thought, I liked Ben Affleck in that movie. I don't normally like him that much. Something about when he's trying not to smile maybe. I don't know. And I don't hate him, he's just not a fave. Anyway, I was thinking, I liked that character. I'd like like to see him in more romantic comedies. Not action movies that have a love plot, but romantic comedies. Where he's purely the love interest. He could carry that, right? Then I wondered who I would want him to play it with. And I couldn't come up with anyone better than Jennifer Aniston. So then I realised, that really, I just liked that plotline a lot. And it's unlikely that there will be a movie made that is the prequel/sequel to that single thread of that movie. So those characters are lost. Unless I watch the movie again. Or unless anyone can come up with another leading lady for him to fall in love with. It's tough. Anyone?


Sorry about all the multiple posting for anyone reading this in Reader. I really need to start proofreading a bit better.


  1. LURRRV that movie! Emily Blunt would make a good love match for Ben Affleck for a rom-com :)

  2. How interesting! I just read on Wikipedia that she's set to star opposite Matt Damon!
    I can't say I'm 100% satisfied with that match though (Blunt and Affleck).

  3. I don't normally like Ben-baggy-eyes either. DrooooooopY! He looks permanently down-trodden. I'm mean.

    ANYWAY, I did find him NON-wince-inducing in this one. AGREED!

    Don't know if I want to see him again though.

    He and Nicholas Cage-aroo could form a baggy face club and sit out of the biz for the rest of forever for all I care.

  4. Careful Ange, our whole family would get invites to that club.

    But you're funny. You make me laugh!

  5. I agree Ange - I can't STAND Nicholas Cage OR Ben Affleck. OR Uma Thurmin. HOWEVER - Nicholas Cage was ok in the National Treasure movies - of course I'm not gonna go out on a limb and say he was great or anything BUT you know, it was watchable. Same for Ben Affleck and Uma Thurmin in PayCheck - LOVE that movie - can't stand them - either of them - usually. But PayCheck cool movie - Ben and Uma TOGETHER in this movie - bearable :)