Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Better or worse

I really love baking. But I really want to be slim. And Nat doesn't really like my baking. So I either can't bake too often, or else I have to share it (which I did Saturday night, I had people over just for cake).

This turned into "mud brownies" which weren't actually that good.

This is a banana cake and accompanying muffins because the recipe is too big for my cake pan. I've decided that what makes baked goods look good to eat is the icing. So I'm trying to decorate my cakes nowadays, to make them more edible. This icing is melted mars bars and sour cream topped with sliced almonds. So far that's the crowd favourite (except for one of my guests who hates nuts).

This is the latest. Chocolate buttercream frosting topped with crushed Nilla Wafers (thanks Mum and Dad). This is my favourite because the Nilla Wafers go soft in a good way, they're like vanilla sponge. And who doesn't like chocolate buttercream? (answer: Nat).

So today I went in to the kitchen. Baked goods and american treats stared back at me (Mum and Dad returned the other day bearing gifts). I was hungry. What to eat? Another muffin? No. There were 6, now there are 4. I can't have my third of the day. It's too measurable. Nat could say, "Have you had 3 muffins today?" and I would say yes and feel guilty (not that Nat would). So I settled on dipping my Nilla Wafers in some leftover chocolate buttercream frosting. Less measurable, Nat won't go into that box. Just as delicious. Finished with a glass of milk. Perfect.

So, was that choice better or worse? Third muffin of the day or buttercream topped Nilla wafers?

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  1. Yummmm those cakes look amazing!

    If you want to try this ganache recipe i have for an Annabel Langbein cake, i highly reccommend it. Amazingly delicious but so so bad for you. Here it is:

    One whole bottle (125ml) cream
    One WHOLE kingsize block of chocolate (i use whittakers creamy or dark)

    Break up chocolate. Place in large saucepan. Pour in cream. Melt on lowest heat for two minutes, stirring to combine every thirty seconds. Take off heat. Drizzle over cake or (my fave>>>) leave for an hour or so to cool. Ganache will become thick and fudge like after cooing and will spread like buttercream. :D