Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grey hair

I recently found my second ever grey hair.

Now what? Do I leave it? No one will notice it. It's just one. Do I pull it out? I won't notice losing just one. But will two grow back in it's place thicker and harder to manage than the last? Will it be worth it?

I pulled it.


  1. Hmmm, many things can cause grey hairs, sometimes if your hormones are unbalanced you can get them. ALSO you can always use mascara to cover over a few stray grey's, if your hair is dark enough.

  2. Interesting! Because judging by the length of this one it came in after I lost hair after having Theo (something people don't really tell you about pregnancy), so that would support the hormonal imbalance theory I guess. I think I would have to buy brown mascara to use for this, my hair is too light for black. But maybe not just yet. One can be a freak incident, but two means the process has begun. We'll see how quickly grey takes hold of me.