Monday, September 21, 2009

The Perfect "Nat"

Earlier Nat and I were washing and drying the dishes.

Nat said to me, "Do you want to wash Sadie's cup as well before you finish?"
Me: "No."
Nat: "Well I'm blaming you if it goes mouldy then" (which had happened to the same model of sippy cup when we'd had one for Theo)
Me: "Ok."

Nat kept on drying, kept on drying, the pile is shrinking and then he sees it. And he smiles. In the drying rack. Sadie's cup. I'd already washed it you see. But I didn't tell Nat that when he asked if I wanted to wash it, because he didn't ask.

This is one of Nat's more annoying character traits. He refuses to tell me more than he has to, or more than I've asked (or anyone for that matter). Because of this people turn up at our house "unexpectedly", even though they have heralded their arrival, I always go to do things and find they're already done (nice enough, but so frustrating when I was just talking to him about it and he could have saved me the effort), and I find out about things like people having babies and getting engaged LAST, because others assume that if they tell him it will get to me.

So tonight, I did the perfect "Nat".

Nat's just asked me to refer to him as "Adult N" from now on. I'm not going to but I thought at least 3 people would enjoy me mentioning it.

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  1. I love this post, SO much. It is SO Nat to do that, and well done for pulling off a Nat! TRICKY! The small print is priceless...and pretty much a jab at me. I welcome it, because it was rootin' tootin' funny. And hey, she's Esky now! Where's he BEEN for the past week?