Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Away

I got home yesterday from visiting with my parents who live an hour away. I had won two tickets to Ruth Pretty's cooking class, worth $195 each (thank you online competition). My parents looked after our kids while we attended from 10am-4pm on Saturday. More on that later. Other things that I loved:

  • Theo would pet the chickens then say "Thank you".
  • A woman at church described a community project thus: "They're knitting for the African babies".
  • Church shoes - Theo's been wearing some pink with orange polka dot gumboots non-stop for over a month. It was nice to get him wearing something different.

  • Nat and I won Pictionary. Look out Ange and Haki. Even though Nat forbids me from drawing an ear for sounds like, or lines with dashes through them to show how many words and syllables (because "It's not charades"), with drawings like this one we're challenging contenders (picture by Nat):
Answer: Scraggly

  • Tim and Erika are pretty good too. Here are a couple of Tim's drawings.
Answer: Bo Peep

Answer: Lopsided

And just in case you couldn't figure out Nat's drawing from above, here is an explanation of the parts (from Nat), and how I concluded the whole to win the round.

1. A scraggly man
2. A scraggly dog
3. A bottle of cleaning spray with
4. An accompanying rag
5. A hand holding another rag
6. A frag grenade
7. Brag (the basketball winners are bragging)
8. Nat being so PC, this is a "fag". Which I actually guessed (the 8a. tilted hand gives it away)
9. Scroggin (and 9a. someone eating it)
10. The world with the sky
11. A cup and saucer (Nat can't remember why he drew this)
12. Someone leaning
13. Mr Lee (which I didn't guess)
14. Wee/Pee (apologies for the PG13 nature of this one)
15. A picture of a thumb and forefinger held an inch apart to indicate that I shorten sky and lean to get "sc" and "ly" (which I didn't understand).
16. Tall and short, to get me to shorten sky and lean as mentioned in #15.

So. "Sc" from Sky, "rag" from the cleaning bottle and rags, and "ly" from lean. And we won the round (it was an all play).

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