Friday, September 4, 2009

What's this?

A knock at the door?

A package for me?


Look at that beautiful, brand new, never been used surface.

The packing slip (after Sadie had had a go at it).


What we paid.

They even spelt Nat's name right.

Oh how I love lifetime guarantees. Nat had socks in the US that were lifetime guaranteed, so any time he got a hole his mum took them in and got replacements. We have knives with lifetime guarantees. And our Scanpan's have that blessed guarantee as well.

Joy. All the way from Denmark.


  1. oo. i got mine replaced too! Isn't it great! What kind of stove top do you have? We had hot plates and I don't think hot plates and scanpan agree. We have a gas cooker now and I haven't had any problems since. Our new place has one of those glass surfaces (or whatever they're called) and I am concerned I will have problems again.

  2. Johanna - We have gas at the moment, but had the metal coil type stove top at our old place. Maybe you're on to something and that's how it got wrecked.
    AmiZOOKey - Scanpan is a brand, they make the best kitchenware ever, and it all comes with lifetime guarantees. They started out making this type of pan that I posted about. It's non-stick, but what makes it different and better is that the whole pan is made of the non-stick stuff, it's not just a coating on the outer layer, so it won't (theoretically) peel, bubble or get scratched. It's the best.