Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another opinion

I have these on hold until tomorrow. I needed some help deciding.

First some background. My perfect boot, which I have never found is: flat heeled, round toe, not suede, no decoration or slouch, black.

I entered the store with that ideal, and did not find it. But I did find these two alternatives, and I like them both.

Boots #1 (or "Sexy boots")
High heeled, squarish toe, not suede, no decoration or slouch, black

Boots #2 (or "Everyday boots")
Flat heeled, round toe, suede (genuine leather), slight decoration and slouch, black.

Boots #1
Size 9 (I normally wear an 8)

Boots #2
Size 8

Boots #1

Boots #2

Now I must have some boots. I decided today while trying them on that they are my legs' new best friend. But which pair? Comment it up people, I'm going back to the store in 13-18 hours.


  1. I don't like either much! If I had to choose, it'd be the NON-slouch. You should get some Dr Martens. But they're expensive, I know. THING IS - mine meet ALL your requirements, and I bought them 2.5 years ago, and there is YET to be any sign of wear....and I wore them every day of winter while I was teaching. DUNEDIN winter, Mariah, DUNEDIN. I got mine on special - an older but not-so-different design - I think for $189? I'm not talking about lace-up boots! I'm talking about their non-slouch, flat heeled, zero-slouch round-toed, zip-up super-boots. They go with pants / skirts / capris. I think you've seen them, but in case:

    I love them so much I think I will get a second pair in red or brown even though my black ones are still going strong!

    These boots withstood snow and all day standing/walking - where other boots have failed after 7 months - other $100 boots that were not Docs.

    If you don't love that particular boot, see the bottom half of the page of mid-calf boots:

  2. Hi, Im sorry I dont have an opinion on the boots howEVer, I do like the look of your blog - its awesome!

  3. The sexy boots! All the way. I am an anti-slouch boot girl.

    Although I will concur with the Docs. You can't go wrong with them and you'll have them forever.

  4. I say no to the yuck 2nd pair and no to the $50 first pair.

  5. I also say I don't like either pair! Save up, avoid number one shoe warehouse, and revisit this question again in the near future. It's not even boot season right now so you've got time!

  6. There aren't many things that I am good at, fortunatley, Shoes are something I know.

    If I had both pairs, and offered to give you just one of the pairs as a present, totally for free which would it be? There lies your answer.

    The smart side of me thinks that if you do not love one over the other, you do not want/need them bad enough to buy them.

    The shoe diva in me, however knows that sometimes, you just WANT something. You have to consider the worth of each pair. What will you wear with each different pair? How much wear will you get out of them?

    I agree with your sisters, that more expensive boots are a better investment. But I personally think that you are far better to buy a cheaper pair first, incase you don't wear them alot. What if you buy an expensive pair and find that you are not actually a boot person?

    My opinion? I think that the second pair looks better on you, you will feel more comfortable in them, therefore will probably get more wear. Plus, they are real leather.
    I was never a fan of this style of boot, until I bought a pair on an impulsive whim. I wore them with everything, jeans, with tights and dresses, stockings and skirts etc...