Saturday, October 31, 2009

Breaking news...*

Michael Buble is performing at the Australian Idol finale.

How funny is that?

And I thought my rant in the comments of a recent post could fill this out nicely, seeing as I almost posted it on it's own but didn't.

"I'm on the fence with Michael Buble because I've never seen him perform really, just that one video. And I've never thought I've heard a lisp! I'll have to listen for it!

And Nicole, I'm such a lover, I'm watching Aus Idol tonight and I just love Hayley so much, I'm going to defend her to you.
I think she is taking it seriously, because she is one of the best performers and her and Stan make the best song choices ever. I think what you might consider her not taking it seriously is just her being so super cool on camera that she's not awkward and embarrassing. It's her keeping her cool, loving the audience and being a natural. She's awesome.

Also, someone just mentioned Stan's "irresistable pout" on the show I'm watching right now. I hate the pout! It's the first thing I would change about him if I was his producer, the second would be those disgusting t-shirt singlet hoodies that he wears. Gross."

SO! I'll get to watch Michael Buble's slight "spastic"-ness on Idol. And listen for the lisp. And probably my girl Hayley on the same stage.

Love it.

*It's not really breaking news, the show aired live in Australia last Sunday, but I'm only watching it now. And it was probably announced before then that MB would be at the finale anyway, I'm just a bit behind.

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