Friday, October 9, 2009

The Cake

So Nicole, I made the cake.

It's delicious. You are sufficiently redeemed (even though it wasn't needed really).

For anyone who doesn't realise/remember/know, Nicole recommended I try making S'more Brownies, and when I did they were not the best. She felt bad and so recommended this cake instead. I'll second the recommendation people, this cake is good! It's exactly like the mud cakes that you can buy from New World. And I love those. So I love this one. Nat says he doesn't like those ones, and so he doesn't like this one either. But he's still eating it. Which if he really didn't like it, wouldn't do.

Theo likes it too.
Nat discovered during Theo's "naptime" that Theo has learned how to open his door. Guess where he went first.

Being unable to follow a recipe and all, I made these changes:
  1. Firstly, I halved the recipe. My cake tin isn't even 20cm round, I think it's 19cm. So nowhere near 30cm. A half recipe was pretty perfect for my tin.
  2. sugar - I ran out of white sugar. So I topped up my measure with brown sugar. Then I ran out of brown sugar. So I topped it up with icing sugar.
  3. I only had strawberry (sweetened) yoghurt. You can just barely taste the strawberry in the finished cake. Nat said that he couldn't taste the strawberry.
  4. I never use self-raising flour. I just add baking powder to regular flour, and reduce the measure of flour by the amount that of baking powder that I add.
  5. Being a coffee free household, I substituted the boiling coffee for cocoa liquor with (here's the secret ingredient) balsamic vinegar. So for a half recipe I put two teaspoons of cocoa in my half cup measure, added one teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, a tiny bit of cold water to avoid scalding the cocoa, then filled with boiling water. Why the balsamic you ask? Vinegar can be used as an egg substitute, and since my egg was small and the recipe calls for large, I thought it would compensate. And I've read that balsamic enhances chocolate. So!
Pop in and try some! But come quick, this one's disappearing fast.

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  1. Yay! I am so happy that it worked out well for you and that you like it! You and your Balsamic! You remind me of the Father from 'My big fat greek wedding' who puts Windex on everything :D