Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hayley Warner

Have you been following Australian Idol? We have.

My favourite:
Hayley Warner, rock chick.

Now I'm not a rock chick. It's not particularly my favourite type of music. I actually love Michael Buble but have been sworn off him because Nat says he thinks the guy comes across as creepy. Just reintroduced to him though through a blog I read. I loved last week on the show, it was big band.

Anyway. I love Hayley Warner. She wasn't particularly rocking this week (top 6) but she is my favourite.

Should you wish to acquaint yourself:

An earlier performance in which she looks so spicy, I kept telling Nat "She's just so pretty tonight! She's beautiful!" I've figured out it's when her fringe is a bit more normal that I think she looks her best.
My favourite performance of hers so far, Pink, Funhouse.

She's awesome. If I was going to attend a live show I would hold up a massive "I heart Hayley" sign. I tell you, I'd be one of a crowd, those signs are common. Tell me what you think.


  1. Not following Australian Idol so I can't comment on that but I would like to say that I, too, find Michael Buble a little creepy. I love his songs and his voice but have you seen him perform? He's kind of spastic. And sometimes I denote a lisp in his singing, which turns me off.

  2. I do like her audition choice.
    I do like her spunky additude and how she is a little more 'rock' than the others. I don'tthink she is taking it seriously, almost as if she is sabotaging her own chances at success. Maybe she's just not ready? Not a huge fan of the Buble either.

    Anyone who lets Emily Blunt slip through their sausgagy fingers loses my vote.

  3. I'm on the fence with Michael Buble because I've never seen him perform really, just that one video. And I've never thought I've heard a lisp! I'll have to listen for it!

    And Nicole, I'm such a lover, I'm watching Aus Idol tonight and I just love Hayley so much, I'm going to defend her to you.
    I think she is taking it seriously, because she is one of the best performers and her and Stan make the best song choices ever. I think what you might consider her not taking it seriously is just her being so super cool on camera that she's not awkward and embarrassing. It's her keeping her cool, loving the audience and being a natural. She's awesome.

    Also, someone just mentioned Stan's "irresistable pout" on the show I'm watching right now. I hate the pout! It's the first thing I would change about him if I was his producer, the second would be those disgusting t-shirt singlet hoodies that he wears. Gross.