Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thank you for your wishes of luck that is good. Driving camp is going well!

So far...

Day 1
Morning (with Mum) - drive around Southwards Car Museum parking lot for about 20 minutes, give or take. If you were there you might have heard "Which one is the brake?" and "Now try and stay on the left side of the road."
Evening (with Dad) - Drive around a newish subdivision called Came--t (the missing letters on the sign made it clear this place was all class) that consists of one slightly windy slightly hilly road with two uncontrolled intersections, one of them with a road that is a dead end approx. 100 metres long and no houses on it. Drive to Otaihanga and around these slightly more busy streets for a while. Drive home! (Which gets an exclamation mark because I had to go on the motorway which meant merging, passing lanes and speeds above 40km/h, also two sets of traffic lights AND I drove up my parents driveway, which has caused many a seasoned driver to spin out. Yay for 4WD.)

Day 2
Morning (with Mum) - planned driving cancelled, due to Theo having a 3 hour + nap, and attending a 3 hour + Relief Society activity. Both were awesome.
Evening (with Dad) - drove around Waikanae Beach IN THE DARK. Drove to Woolworths through the tricky left, right, left of Omahi then Ngaio then Marae Lane then Woolworths parking lot. Picked up a free can of Chocolate mousse because the last one I bought ran out of gas and so I got sent 2 vouchers. Drove home.

I'm awesome. I've learned how to "point the car where I want it to go"*.

*Ten points if you can name who I'm quoting.

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