Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some photos I've been collecting...

Over the past little while I've been taking photos of things that I think "That's great! I just love that!" about. They've not made it into a post of their own, but here they are.

1. Pumpkin soup. Home made from real pumpkins.
I have an american friend who told her sister that we don't have canned pumpkin in New Zealand. Her sister asked how she made pumpkin soup/pie/cookies/cookie bars etc. My friend told her she buys a pumpkin, chops it up and cooks it, then scoops out the flesh and uses it in her baking. Her sister said, "Wow, you're like the pioneers!"
I have an EXCELLENT pumpkin soup recipe. I guess this one really needed a post of it's own. Watch this space, the best ever pumpkin soup recipe is coming up.

2. Arrow tabs. When I was in high school and at university I just couldn't get enough of these. They gave my assignments an "edge". I honestly thought they were the best. Until I lost them. Then forgot about them. Then found them again. And now someone else I know loves them for a completely different reason.

3. Our new shelf. Our last flat came with a shelf that we had to leave behind when we moved. So we needed a new shelf to be the new home for what had been on that shelf at the last flat. Nat came home with this beauty from the Dunbar Sloane auction for $10. It fits everything off of the shelf we left behind, as well as a shelf we brought with us, and all our board games which had been on built in shelving in our bedroom. This shelf brought me happy thoughts, especially when we moved, and I unpacked something like 10 boxes in one go, all on to/into this shelf.

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