Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wet wipes

I love wet wipes. They are my #1 cleaning product. What don't they do? They clean babies bums, hands, faces, clothes, carpet, furniture, shoes, toys, the list goes on.

Once I said to my sister Erika, "How do you think I should get this out?" about a now long forgotten potential stain. Erika said "Let it dry then rub it off with a wet wipe".

Whenever the kids rub food all over the couch/carpet/their clothes/my clothes, I grab a wet wipe.

Someone (not necessarily the kids) spills something on the floor or other surface. Grab the wet wipes.

One of the kids has had an accident on the floor, grab the wet wipes.

Need a few minutes to write a blog post? Grab the wet wipes.

What? That's right. Not only are wet wipes the best cleaning product ever, they double as babysitters. They come in a noisy plastic pack, there's a fun flip top that makes a click sound, they dispense one at a time, and apparently taste delicious.

I normally leave it to a last resort and only for a few minutes. But I'm sure they're non-toxic and Sadie loves doing it so much, is it really so bad to let her suck to her hearts content?

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